I was just given a 1 month deadline. Damn. Not sure if I’m gonna pull through. The days are passing by so fast. Only chocolates and tennis is keeping me afloat and jingling with adrenaline. Oh…and my probation ends after the deadline? Hmm…..

It’s tiring to look at code everyday. I think I’m working damn hard for my pay. Or rather…programmers are working damn hard for their pay.

I want a Friday please….

3 thoughts on “Development…alone

  1. Looks like ur self development will serve as the crucial pt to the decision whether u r ok to stay or not. Remember tat this decision is not solely made by the company; let urself reflect on the stuff u have done so far and ask in ur heart whether u wanna go or stay. If u can’t yet make the decision, it’s alright to ask for extension of ur probation period and who noes, ur mindset might have changed again by the end of the extended probation.

  2. @Van: Yea…so wanna take leave after probation ends. Need a holiday! Anywhere!!!
    @Ever: Stress is part and parcel of every job lah…There’s a part of me that feels elated when I get something working and yet a part of me that feels jaded trying to solve a persistent bug for the whole day. The boss holds several projects and each person in the group holds at least 1 project (depending on the nature) so it sucks to be developing stuff alone.

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