Life can only be understood backward. It must be lived forward.

I watched “The curious case of Benjamin Button” today. My first thought after finishing the show was “Oh hell! I wasted my youth studying!” To a large extent, it is true for a lot of us since we spent most of our life in the pursuit of qualifications and were told that it is the door to a good life. Is it worth it? Have we been urged to plan too much into the future that we lose track of the here and now?

Thinking back, perhaps the past 2 decades have not been such a waste as I’ve had my good share of winning trophies, gossiping about boys, forming friendships and splurging on good food (Just some of the things teenage girls do). The period of adolescence would not have been complete without them and it will be inapproriate for a woman to do some of the above listed things. Although going into the academic persuit again will open up my career, I am rather reluctant to do so as it will mean another 2 – 4 years of wasted youth. Some things can only be savoured and appreciated while we are at the appropriate time of our life. Just as we will never appreciate a lollipop the same way as we did when we were 4, time, once lost is gone forever. I guess there are so much I’ll like to do before I can look back and say “hey, I lived a fulfilling life as a young adult. I did what I could only do as a young adult.”

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