For my curious readers

I had an hour plus talk with my boss during my probationary assessment. I came out of it feeling rather dazed. So the gist of it was this, he thinks that I’m not brilliant enough but he’s going to give me a pass anyway and for the next month, I have to work harder to catch up. Not so much of the programming but the domain that I’m working on. It’s true, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to create and deliver the product but not much time understanding why. Additionally, he dropped the “do you want to further your studies” question. So I came out, part relief part beaten. Not so much of a celebratory mood anymore.

Upon reflection, it came to me that honest opinions are rare nowadays so I should take it, work on it and see how it goes. I still don’t know if I should do research for the rest of my life but I do feel a sense of dread thinking about going back to school.

3 thoughts on “For my curious readers

  1. Heyhey, glad that you’re strong enough to accept an honest opinion/critique, though it’s mostly never easy. It might be quite a bummer, but at least it (hopefully) gives you the fire to want to become better. And that’s a good start. Eventually it should amount to something great if you keep working at it. Jiayou k!!! :)

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