Fallout 3 Save Crash Fix

Most people should be working their way through New Vegas now or are already on their n-th playthrough. There would be folks like me still trying to finish Fallout 3. In case you’ve encountered one of Fallout 3’s nastiest bug, like I just did – crashing on save, this might fix it for you:

The cure: blow yourself up. I know, I know, sounds insane. But do it. Turn off all auto-saving if you need to, so you can reach your Fat-Man or whatever you want, but go blow yourself to pieces. Upon reloading your last file, it’ll undo whatever causes the save corruption
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Some commentor on the second page said simply to load the same savefile twice. I did and it didn’t work. The problem was immediately cleared up when I went back to Megaton, got my fatman and blew myself up.

2 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Save Crash Fix

  1. i cant belive it but it actually works.. only downside is whenever i close the game and reboot it i would have to off my self to ensure i can save without a crash.

  2. I can 2nd that…
    Started a new character and realiszed that my last save with my lvl.20+ character was a quick-save.
    After killing plenty of nightgouls I made a standard save and the game crashed! I repeated this process 3 times, crashed all the way.

    After reading this reply, I helped the nightgouls in killing me by planting a few mines ^_^ loaded the quicksave, killed’em all and *hallelujahmoment* saved the game!
    Allthough the game crashed when exiting instead as I wanted to confirm this :p Gonna see if there’s a “Fast Exit2” FOSE-equivalent… Thanks!!

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