Photo Backlog: Old Kim Guan

I’ve a huge backlog of photos taken on the phone so I’m going to try to post them on periodically. The first entry of my photo backlogs happens to be also of one of my favourite things – food.

We stumbled upon this place at Sunshine Plaza when we decided try something different. Their menu consists of what I can only describe to be homely Chinese dishes. Their specialty seems to be their chicken wings, they even have a digital indicator for the number of wings left.

I’ve enjoyed the food the few times I’ve been there. The only time I was slightly disappointed was the time when Isaac joined me for lunch. Their 梅菜扣肉 was more 梅菜than 扣肉. Overall, it’s still a nice place to enjoy some simple Chinese dishes while chatting over their free-flow tea.

Here’s how to find Old Kim Guan:

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