Photo Backlog: The Handburger

We’ve always been a fan of The Soup Spoon. I’ve enjoyed their offering since they first set up in Raffles City and serving with cute orange spoons. From the same people who brought us Soup Spoon comes The Handburger.

I checked out the Raffles City outlet with a couple of the IDGT folks, Aron and Qingyu. It sits along the corridor of a newly renovated basement with two other of the owners’ franchises. It was good thing we were there early as it was already crowded and the dinner crowd followed soon after. By the time we’re done with the meal, I’d be wondering if the other people are simply visiting to check out a new F&B place just like we did.

It’s been a while so I can’t exactly name what I ordered but you can check it out in the gallery but it was probably the first burger on the menu. I completed my meal with a soup that came with a bun. The others ordered additional sides of calamari and onion rings with their burgers.

The outlet didn’t have the most comfortable of chairs, wooden stools would be a more appropriate description. Everyone is sat at long tables, reminiscent of my primary school tuck shop or army canteen; as soon as another party is sat next to me, I started hoping he isn’t an elbow space hog who eats with his arms wide open. I understand they’re running a business but it quickly dawned upon me that they’re not interested in making Handburger a chill-out place (if you can stand the hard stools, that is) when they efficiently drop off the checks at the other patrons’ tables once they’re done.

It could simply be a personal preference but I was rather disappointed with my burger when it arrived. I found it to be rather sinewy (all of the patties come medium rare) and I prefer my burger made from packed well-done minced beef. What’s ludicrous is the fact that both the onion rings and calamari are made with the same batter and served with the same dips, even the serving staff had trouble telling us what they just served up.

As much as I enjoy Soup Spoon, I can’t say the same for Handburger. From the feeling of wanting us to get out of there so they can quickly serve their next customer to their food. Some people might appreciate their food looking fanciful and pretty but I believe I can get better burgers at a better price in a more comfortable setting.

In case the management tracks me down, like some other F&B outlet did, don’t worry I’d still <3 Soup Spoon but I’d <3 it more if you brought back the naan. :(

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