Run after Assassin’s Creed

I finished Assassin’s Creed in 17.5hrs so I went for a run. I know I’m a few years behind but this is a good a time as any to pick it up. I’m impressed with its technology and design; though I found it a little thin on the plot (that or I couldn’t understand what was going on till the penultimate mission), I felt it set the scene for the sequel perfectly. [(2 more) screenshots on My Steam profile]

Went for a traffic-less route, thunder was rumbling and the sky was turning orange so I decided not to risk getting drenched taking a scenic route. Had to stop for times to prevent myself for dying: each a half way point of the remaining distance. Guess I had to work on my stamina more. Phlegm still a problem. Let’s see if I’ve done any better.

Improvement but still quite some way from target speed.

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