Windy Day with Clear Blue Sky

Went out yesterday for lunch with Mom and dinner with Jo. This is also the first year in a while that I didn’t put up any wish list, can’t remember if I had one for last Christmas. Anyway had a red packet from Mom, spent it on cab for lunch because I was late, a haircut and a new pillow. Felt terrific after the hair cut and the new pillow is nice!

Facebook has created this annual phenomenon of people dropping you a message once it’s your birthday. For me, it started once the clock hits twelve and it got a little crazy when the phone started getting notifications while I was trying to do other stuff. Anyway, it’s still nice for folks who I’ve not really kept in contact with to drop a message; I tried my best to reply with a personalised message for each them.

Somehow, I’m incapable of keeping too many relationships in my life. People come and go and I accept that as a fact of life. I can only keep a small group of friends and I really appreciate them for being there. It’s interesting how some of the relationships sometime just develop differently from where it was original formed. Just like how I mentioned before, friendships can only grow by taking them away from their original context.

For a jog on my usual route today. Might have over-exerted in the first km, resulting in chest pains. At least I only rested once for a long time after that and completed the rest of the route in a slow pace. That should be a fat burner pace, as reflected by the higher calories count.

I guess I should try to go for a 7+ avg speed and maintain a steady pace for the entire jog. Speaking of pacing, anyone has a good run mix that can pace me but not cause me to run so fast I kill myself?

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