Why I do not create New Year’s resolutions

The start of a New Year always seemed a good time to re-evaluate one’s life, re-look the resolutions that were set last year and setting new ones to work on. The main reason I do not set New Year’s resolutions anymore is because I do know the general direction that I want to go to in life. All I need to do, is to consistently turn the steering wheel in the right direction when I am steering off course. A yearly rumination is such a long time to be doing so. Rather, I would much prefer to set goals because goals give me a sense of satisfaction when they are achieved – big or small. Also, goals do not have a deadline and I can always cross out a goal if I do not see it as feasible or important anymore.

Nonetheless, a new year always bring about a refreshing aura. The year which we were so accustomed to referring to, increased by 1. People return from their vacation, some colleagues moved on and I can organize my files into a folder called “2011”. I have to admit, January usually brings about anticipated changes.

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