I’m such a lazy geek but my personal life bar just improved

I finally worked on packing my room, throwing away rubbish (still unfinished) and updating my laptop (after the bf lamented about this when the video chat stopped working). I don’t think I ever updated my laptop after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7. Well, my fears were realized because windows update had problems downloading sp1 and I spent a whole day trying to install sp1. This includes tinkering with internal folders (which is always quite a scare as anything could go wrong). Eventually, I manually installed sp1 and have to tell windows update to stop attempting to download this update again. It’s a disappointment that windows update was unable to detect that sp1 has been installed.

Thank goodness I’m clearing leave at the moment. At least, it’s something productive to do and it prevents me from being a workaholic. Here’s what’s left!

1. Update my finances

2. Finish packing my room

3. Cleanup my virtual desktop

4. Complete trip planning


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