The mind is willing…

So it’s been about one and a half week since I’ve been back and I thought it’s as good a time as any to start jogging. I’m not sure if I’m gotten heavier (note to self: sort this out) or I’ve just not been using ’em ankles in a while but half way through my route, my ankles start to hurt like sons of mothers.

Thinking it’s unwise to risk snapping my ankles, I walked a fair bit back before covering the last sixth of the journey in a jog. The ankles definitely need some strengthening but at least it is not the usual shin splints, so this is definitely a good start.

1-2012-12-27 18.42.12

Caught Premium Rush (among others) on the flight back, it’s like a love letter to this whole bike courier community. I find it kinda intriguing since I cycled in Montreal but I doubt I’d ever cycle like that.

Similarly, Wreck-It Ralph is this love letter to the whole gaming community. The awesome girlfriend fed me and brought me to catch the show. I wonder if Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 would serve the same effect if she’s not quite over the top but more like Vanellope in Ralph. Then again Anthony Birch is way more talented than I ever was at age 24, so props to him still.

Five 5-bucks Games V: Hotline Miami

Last game of the 5-buck game experiment. Now if I only get around to playing them.

I’ve actually started Rochard, it’s not a bad game per se, physics puzzle platformer. I’ve also started on Bard’s Tale; funny as it can be, I find it hard to get through the combat.

Definitely still interested in doing the other games I bought with the leftover value from my previous prepaid Visa card.