Five 5-bucks Games V: Hotline Miami

Last game of the 5-buck game experiment. Now if I only get around to playing them.

I’ve actually started Rochard, it’s not a bad game per se, physics puzzle platformer. I’ve also started on Bard’s Tale; funny as it can be, I find it hard to get through the combat.

Definitely still interested in doing the other games I bought with the leftover value from my previous prepaid Visa card.

An introvert’s party

I like Sophia Dembling’s posts on introverts. She succinctly explains what it’s like to be an introvert and her articles helps me to have a greater awareness of myself. She wrote that introverts dislikes parties because they are geared towards extroverts. So I thought, I’m going to organize an introvert party! It’s a party that every introvert will enjoy. But the crowd will be small. :)