Asylum Update

There’s a new release of WordPress. It’s all nice and cool but it also means some plug-ins will be brokens. Had to remove some stuff like the MCEcomment to make other stuff work, like smilies. Also took the time to explore some new plug-ins; do check out the chat wall. Hm, that’s about it. Let me know if anything’s broken or if I broke anything. ;)

In other news, I finally cleared out the dis-used FOP and Vault instances of WordPress. I should have a proper page for the Vault eventually though, to showcase some portfolio goodness. I’m gonna (try to) link some of the folks and interesting pages I frequent. We’d see how that goes.

Tomato- WHAT?

I was looking through last month’s Webalizer top search string and found this gem. Can someone please tell me what are “tomato firmware features” and how did 31 people got here by searching for that?

I have a whole backlog of photos and stuff to upload. Just not in the photoblogging mood I guess. Maybe tomorrow…

Blog note to self to remove NM2208 content from Vault and start working on some other stuff.

Some updates

Added some new plug-ins and replaced old ones. Most should be transparent to the readers except perhaps the Related Posts section on each individual post.

Simple Tag plug-in might get me to start tagging entries. It’s always been tags vs categories but I guess more ways of searching for stuff, the better, no?

The Asylum

Alright, I find we could finally settle down with what we have.

I manage to actually find a backup of old entries from the 3.0 era. The problem is phpMyAdmin doesn’t seem to want to import that file, meaning I’d have to manually enter hundreds of pages of entries myself.

Besides that, I might want to change the image header and definitely put back the links.

Check out the nifty pagination at the bottom of the page. There were 2 major plug-ins available. The Digg style pagination and Lester’s. I well with Digg style (sorry Lester :razz: )

I also update the WYSIWYG editor, not that you can see it anyway.

Looks like it’s more or less settled, though I have a few more plug-ins to play with. Now on to setting up the forum or the return of the Vault.

Um… deva ju?

Okay, I was trying to install WordPress MU but it didn’t work so well. Somehow, it didn’t occur to me to do a complete subdomain backup before I do anything drastic. Good thing, I managed to salvage the uploaded pix.

Fret not, the Asylum will return soon better than ever. :wink:

PS: I know the current theme doesn’t really show who posted what but it’d all be rectified soon.

H(oE)DPFtA Feb ‘07

And so another month has pased us by. It seems I’ve been doing some passive negative publicity for White Dog Cafe. :roll: Still lots of kitty cats and lots of love sonnet searches. Have a great March. ;)

Top 20 of 35 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 4 8.89% white dog cafe vivocity
2 3 6.67% subby slynk
3 2 4.44% cat ding i’m a kitty cat
4 2 4.44% eat. sleep. repeat
5 2 4.44% patch adams quotes love sonnet
6 2 4.44% quotes on think before u speak
7 2 4.44% subsanity
8 1 2.22% .i’ll give you my coat when u r cold i need ya i’ll feed ya eve
9 1 2.22% 100 love sonnets pablo neruda
10 1 2.22% ben stonehedge
11 1 2.22% buses that go to coronation plaza
12 1 2.22% cat ding a kitty cat
13 1 2.22% ding im a kitty cat
14 1 2.22% ding kitty
15 1 2.22% dum dum gum gum
16 1 2.22% funny testimonies pee-pee
17 1 2.22% i dont suffer of insanity
18 1 2.22% if u r happy and warm in a pile of shit keep ur mouth shut!
19 1 2.22% love poem-patch adams
20 1 2.22% love sonnet patch adams

H(oE)DPFtA Jan ‘07

I’ve always been curious how I can get so many hits per month. Therefore after every month, I’m gonna release the month’s findings of How (on Earth) Did People Find the Asylum?? Here are the findings for last month:

Top 20 of 27 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 5 13.89% subby slynk
2 2 5.56% cat ding i’m a kitty cat
3 2 5.56% najib ktv
4 2 5.56% subsanity
5 2 5.56% tan liyong
6 2 5.56% what is rah
7 1 2.78% boulevard of broken dreams (green day)
8 1 2.78% bunch of pricks は
9 1 2.78% don%27t crying my son
10 1 2.78% dsci0708.jpg
11 1 2.78% dum dum gum gum
12 1 2.78% dum dum wants some gum gum
13 1 2.78% eateries along bukit timah road
14 1 2.78% gum gum dum dum
15 1 2.78% i do not love as a if ur we a salt rose
16 1 2.78% i don%c2%b4t suffer from insanity i enjoy every minute of it
17 1 2.78% i wanted you to know i love the way you laugh
18 1 2.78% martin henz
19 1 2.78% monkeys attacks bukit timah nature reserve
20 1 2.78% noi