WordPress Top Tip: Use your Press This bookmarklet

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The “Press This” function allows quick posting and publishing through the use of a special web browser favourite. You can create a shortcut to allow use of “Press This” from the new post screen. You then activate the function when browsing by selecting the favourite from your web browser favourites list.

via Press This « WordPress Codex

One of my reasons why I like to share on Facebook using their bookmarklet is the ability to post a short abstract and an image thumbnail. I’ve known of the WordPress Press This for a while now but mostly been using it to save drafts for future posting.

Recently I discovered the joys of using it. If you highlight a section of text before hitting the bookmarklet, it’d automatically copy it to the post section with a nice via link like above. This trumps the Facebook’s bookmarklet as it allows you to choose the abstract and not just post the first few lines of the page, which usually happens to be a bunch of header links that do not contribute to the content.

What amazes me most is the Press This bookmarklet’s ability to upload images automatically. One of the things I try to avoid is to hotlink images from other sites and have to go through the tedious pains of manually uploading and linking. The WordPress bookmarklet provides a list of images on the original site when you click on the tiny Insert an Image icon at the top. When you select the image to be added to your post, it’s automatically uploaded to your site so it won’t be broken if the original site removes it.

A bunch of people must have probably already discovered this usage but I’m simply amazed at my new findings about the bookmarklet and have to share it! Hopefully someone else would find this useful.

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