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Caught Premium Rush (among others) on the flight back, it’s like a love letter to this whole bike courier community. I find it kinda intriguing since I cycled in Montreal but I doubt I’d ever cycle like that.

Similarly, Wreck-It Ralph is this love letter to the whole gaming community. The awesome girlfriend fed me and brought me to catch the show. I wonder if Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 would serve the same effect if she’s not quite over the top but more like Vanellope in Ralph. Then again Anthony Birch is way more talented than I ever was at age 24, so props to him still.

Borderlands on Steam saving issue quick workaround / fix

I was really excited to play Borderlands today. After decrypting my pre-order, I took a tour around and quickly realise there were issues with saving. After browsing the forums, I found a work-around that seems to work for me. I got my game through Steam and had My Documents pointing to a dedicated partition.

All you have to do is basically add the -nohomedir launch option to Borderlands. You can specify that by accessing the Properties of the game in your Steam games panel.

borderlands steam

Credit to KevSteele and MrKlorox from the GearBox forums for the fix. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that a bug in a critical system like saving escaped the developers but they’re working hard on a patch which will hopefully clear this and other issues up.

I have no idea how saving works I believe you have to access those stations which are supposed to “register your DNA”. Can anyone clear this up?

Borderlands: My next KaBOOOiiEEE game?

It isn’t a tactical shooter, and it isn’t a talky RPG. It steps back to the base level of both genres and then piles style and energy on top. It’s the opposite of feature creep – returning to why people wanted to shoot monsters in the face and collect shiny things in the first place. From what I played, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it shallow. It would be wrong to call that shallowness a bad thing. Pitchford again: “we’re dancing around innovation more than we’ve ever done before.” In the land of the endless cover systems, unbound carnage is king.

via Hands-On Preview: Borderlands | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

I haven’t played a mindless shooter in a while now. Sure, TF2 is fun when your team isn’t composed of 4 medics and 4 spies who can’t take out a single sentry gun, L4D is fun but I want to shoot something other than zombies with something other than a pistol or a shotgun. I must admit I miss I miss playing Unreal Tournament, there’s nothing like mindless carnage fuelled by a 6-barrel rocket-launcher.

Even with Dragon Age: Origins, Left 4 Dead 2 coming out at the same time, Borderlands suddenly became a very viable year-end treat. Killing stuff: check; rewarding for kill baddies: check; lots of guns; check. From what I read, Borderlands is looking to be a FPS primarily built on top of a Diablo-eque loot system on crack.

Still gotta hope there’s enough local or at least regional server support and non-brainless community to play with.

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