Closing the Gap between Game and Anime

Some games, Dragonball Budokai series come to mind, attempted cell-shading technique to their art style but something always looks odd somehow. This trailer of the latest Naruto game caught my eye and it pretty much looks like what the anime looks like. If these are indeed in-game shots, I must say it looks pretty sweet. I like the evening scene of Sasuke fighting Kakashi, everything dyed yellow by the setting sun. Only problem is this will probably have the same gameplay and storyline as the past X number of Naruto fighters. [via Kotaku]

Johnny Lee and His Wiimote Magic

I actually came across these videos come time ago, I forgot why I had them rotting in WP’s drafts. So here they are.

First one’s about how Johnny Lee uses the Wiimote to do finger tracking. This enables him to do some neat stuff like manipulate things a la Minority Report.

I find the second video cooler. He uses the same concept, Wiimote tracking, to do head tracking. This allows him to create a virtual reality window on his monitor via off-center view frustum in a 3D world.

I believe he has some code on his website, do check it out.

I, Videogame

I’m not sure if anyone else is catching I, Videogame on Discovery Channel. I believe it’s every Fri 7 – 8pm on channel 13 on cable tv.

It’s pretty cool since I see commentary from both industry players, media editors as well as academics, people we read from course in school.

If someone knows the actual timing, please let me know.

Microsoft’s Surface Computer

I posted a video some time back, I can’t even find it myself so here is it:

[google 6379146923853181774]

I was very impressed back then, apparently the multi-touch technology has been patented by Apple.

May 30th, Microsoft announced their new product, the Surface Computer:

The technology seems similar, which leads to the issue of who holds the patent now. Anyway, more importantly, this new demostration of the technology makes it more applicable and real in today’s world. If Surface Computers were to become main-stream, it’d seem life is about to become very cool very soon. The stuff from Minority Report and such would no longer to something of Sci-fi.