Keep the flame burning

I’m feeling slightly burnt out from the lack of sleep and onslaught of activities at rnf. Despite that, I felt more motivated for what I’m doing now than before.  Participating in rag led to some surprising finds about myself. For one, I didn’t expect to design a t-shirt and get it printed. All my previous experiences with photoshop have been that of adding texts, improving grainy photos and adding special effects to photos by following online instructions. It just so happens that Kun asked me to think of a design which led to us discussing with the people at rag and the ideas starting flowing which led to me trying out my mediocre skills at photoshop. It was  my first attempt at creating a fully digitalised art on photoshop and I’ve learnt a lot from this experience. Can’t wait to wear the shirt. Hee!

I suppose I do get temperamental and unrestrained in my comments when I’m suffering from a lack of sleep and muscle aches. We were at dinner just now and the conversation went on to a person Y and his title on forums. Without thought I said “he should be an asshole”. It was more of a reflex comment. I’m not sure if I really dislike him that much. Some things happened which confirmed that he’s not someone I would get close to or want to know better. As for that comment, I was pretty stun myself when Pauline reacted.

Time for sleep. -Lights out-