[Updated] Removing App Spam From Facebook iPhone App

Facebook allows you to filter away apps you do not care about on your news feed but its iPhone app ignores the filter and you end up with something like this when you try to check on your friends on-the-go:

You end up scrolling through 2 pages of app spam to get some actual useful updates. To fix this, you need to block the apps.

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American-Scottish Funny Man

We need more TV personalities like this:

Been laughing at his Youtube clips for past couple of days.

I actually started by writing something totally different with Craig Ferguson being a sub point but I guess it doesn’t really matter. Done with special semester last Friday so I guess I’m officially done with school once I get results come July and find out when I get conferred.

On a really separate note, I wonder how many karma points you lose when you Like the profile update of someone which says went from being “in a relationship” to “single”. Hm, probably a lot.