After numerous appeals and emails, admin matters are finally settled. Out of my 3 years of experience in getting modules, this has been the most stressful. I was talking to Shuting about it today and it made me come to the conclusion that they are rather unfriendly and unsympathetic. Things only got settled after I explained my situation to the lecturer who probably stepped out to do something about it. I’m grateful because some lecturers don’t bother.

What happened reminded me of what Subby once casually said: “sometimes, we just need something to push us along”. My church has been seeking for people to teach the younger generation about the faith. Quite a number of times I actually thought about it but didn’t set my heart to it. In that desperate moment, I told God that if I get the class I wanted, I would teach after I grad. Looks like I can’t escape now. He works in strange ways. That’ll probably help me know my faith better. Something that I wanted to do but always procrastinating.

Ever since after the exams, I had wanted to do an extensive coverage of my day to day events. As you’ve noticed, I have not done so. You could say I was facing a writer’s block. A blog started off as a virtual land of solace, a place where I’m free to air my thoughts under the veil of secrecy. It soon evolved into a tool for keeping up with each other’s lives and finally, a place to rant and rave.

As years went by, it became more obligatory,mundane and isolatory. I’d rather meet up and talk than write in a place I’m not even sure who comes by to read anymore. Nonetheless, I’m glad that I’ve managed to meet up with everyone that I’ve been wanting to. I had many belated bday celebrations, 2 class gatherings and a programming project to keep myself busy with.

During this period of time, I had the intention to blog about faith in my life but due to the fact that I may not say very nice things, I decided not to. Let’s just say, I’m facing a low point in my religious life. It’s not about believing or not because I believe but religion doesn’t revolve around a person but rather, a community. I went to Alvin’s 21st bday celebration today and he said some things which are inspiring, meaningful and things about religion I would never have the courage to say.

It sets me thinking…