Fallout 3 Save Crash Fix

Most people should be working their way through New Vegas now or are already on their n-th playthrough. There would be folks like me still trying to finish Fallout 3. In case you’ve encountered one of Fallout 3’s nastiest bug, like I just did – crashing on save, this might fix it for you:

The cure: blow yourself up. I know, I know, sounds insane. But do it. Turn off all auto-saving if you need to, so you can reach your Fat-Man or whatever you want, but go blow yourself to pieces. Upon reloading your last file, it’ll undo whatever causes the save corruption
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Some commentor on the second page said simply to load the same savefile twice. I did and it didn’t work. The problem was immediately cleared up when I went back to Megaton, got my fatman and blew myself up.

Jobs available for MMOers, Fallout 3 drive me crazy

[Kotaku » Massively Multiplayer Employment: Singapore Recruiters Not Avoiding WoW Players]

Fallout 3
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A while back there was an article stating how some employers are staying away from MMO players. It might have been blown out of proportion but I’m sure some employers might have gotten some idea from this big hiccup. Apparently Singapore employers, well at least this one is fine with their employees living a virtual second life.  Rejoice, WOW and WAR players!

In other news, everyone has heard, read or experienced how buggy Fallout 3 is. My experience with the latest reincarnation of the Fallout franchise has too been marred by CTDs and the very rare hard system crashes. I learnt to play it in windowed mode which made the crashes a lot more bearable. I think what’s happening now has taken it to another level. In my latest save, quicksaving crashes the game, quick traveling crashes the game. Now, everyone who plays Fallout 3 know quicksave is vital in preserving your sanity admist all the random crashes, I’m not sure if I can continue playing Fallout 3 anymore until the game gets patched (more).

Now I have the option of revisiting the Oblivion world of Tamriel or play Neverwinter Nights 2, both which I’ve never really gotten deep into. Then again, there’s Chrono Trigger and Zelda on the DS. Ah crap, I think I should just spend more time reading and preparing for the project.

Bethsoft, please sort out Fallout 3.