Quick post cos I’m tired

Met up with the bear fam 2 days ago and I brought them to my favourite ramen place! Haha! It was (almost) full attendance and I’m glad we took time off despite our busy schedules.
Looking back at our jc pics, we’ve shrugged off the babyish look. Physically, we’ve changed. But when the group comes together, it felt like the good old days all together again. It’s like break time where we sit together to have a meal. All of it…seems to be re-enacting itself.

I received a call from True Yoga this morning, telling me that I won a 2 weeks trial through Starhub. Seriously, it came across rather convincingly. Until, I searched them up the net and found lots of unpleasant stuff. Upon much more pondering, I realise how stupid I was to give them my name. Drats! Am I going to receive endless calls from them?

Bought stuff from fox again today. Love it! The cotton tops are cheaper and the cashier surprised me with their hidden 30% discount. Most stores publicise their trick discounts to get people in but the ads for the discounts at fox are ninja like. Spot them if you can!

The “GREAT” Singapore Sale

My shopping experience haven’t been very enjoyable in the past few years. Even with encouragement to retailers such as “gems”, I feel that many sale promoters have failed miserably in making my shopping experience a pleasant one. (Which probably explains why I blog more about food)

Put off #1: Stalking salesperson.

Salesperson that follow me through all the aisle and stare at what I’m looking at or pick out clothing that isn’t my style and give comments such as “I think this suits you really well”. It gives the message that she’s being too eager to meet her sales quota rather than genuinely wanting to help. The worst of some stalking salesperson is they can’t tell me what other designs,colour or sizes that they have when I ask them questions.

Put off #2: Welcome!

Another very irritating occurance of shopping experience here is the shouting of “welcome!”. It made me feel less welcomed and more eager to make a U-turn.

Put off #3: Great sale?

Much worst is GSS. Like a little gimmick meant to get rid of old useless stocks in which the sizes were either too large or too small and they were all chucked in this big big tray where people shove their hands in to get a lucky pick. Many times, I would see a 70% sale signboard outside the shop only to find small prints upon a closer look which goes something like “applicable to certain items only”. Even if such a warning does not stop you, you’ll enter the shop to find a small corner of for sale items.

However, there is ONE shop which has made me very very happy yesterday. It is FOX at J8. When I entered the shop, one lady near the entrance smiled at me. It was after dinner and there were nobody except us in the shop. Even so, she left me to browse through the clothes and enjoy the music that was being played over the stereo. I asked her what designs of shorts were available and she immediately put down what she was doing n showed me where all the shorts were. Moreover, the staff there were very patient when I asked for smaller or larger sizes. The best part of it was they were having a storewide 20% and it wasn’t old leftover stocks. It was a real sale! Only the new arrivals were not part of it but that’s understandable.

I came out a very happy customer. Fox rocks!