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Fringe returns soon and I simply can’t wait. I picked up Fringe simply because it was highly rated and boy did it become the show I started to look forward to each week. There is definitely the likeness to the X-Files but I think Fringe has its own kind of charm.

What drew me most are the characters. How can anyone not like Walter Bishop? All 3 main characters are vastly different and they really grew on me as I watched them evolve through last season. Some people critique the lack of character development but it just makes me want to learn more about them. Hopefully more will be revealed about the more mysterious characters such as Broyles, Nina Sharp and of course William Bell.

I think J.J. Abrams has learnt his lesson well from Lost. Fringe is episodic so that you don’t need to watch every single episode to make sense of it but if you’ve been loyally following the series, you’d get to appreciate the overarching plot. I think more importantly, each case is so different and makes such a major visual and mental impact, they are all special in their own way.

As TV season returns, I’d write more about each series. Been putting it off since last TV season ended. :P

PS: You can watch Fringe on MediaCorp 5 at 10pm Mondays.

Of Cynics & Romantics

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PETER: That look says more than just, ‘I wish I hadn’t have let him drive.’

OLIVIA: I was just thinking about Nicholas Boone and what he did for his wife. What he is doing. Jeez, that kind of love. Greg asked Rachel for a divorce, and now he’s fighting her for custody.

PETER: You know, I never liked that guy.

OLIVIA: You’ve never met Greg.

PETER: Yeah, but I met your sister. So I know she deserves better.

OLIVIA: And I thought you were a card-carrying cynic.

PETER: I am, world class. But there’s an argument to be made that beneath every cynic, there is a frustrated romantic.

[Fringe Episode 118, Midnight]