Project Natal – Future of Gaming?


[Microsoft introduces controller free gaming, Project Natal]

I know I’m several months late but I’ve been partly busy and partly observing the fallout since the announcement of the supposedly next coolest way we’d be playing games.

When I first watch the Milo clip, a few things struck me. First was Wow, that’s pretty neat, then Wait, if all these are possible why are we still struggling with computer vision, voice recognition and processing and voice synthesizing? and finally Hm, this could be incredibly scripted.

From a developer’s standpoint, it occurred to me how much work needs to be done to achieve a truly dynamic system such as one which reacts to a players’ emotions since the possibilities are literally limitless. That or we have an actual learning system which means we might one day build Skynet and Terminators. :P

From a gamer’s standpoint, I realise whatever could go wrong would almost always go wrong. There could be nothing more frustrating then trying to play a game by moving your body when the game doesn’t recognise your actions or interpret it wrongly.

Besides, instead of standing up and pretending to kick at enemies on screen, I’d rather go out and pick up a martial art. When I play a game, I want to sit comfortably in my couch and well, play a game. I know that Nintendo have shown that new interaction works and actually sells with the Wii and the DS but only with appropriate gameplay. To be perfectly honest, I usually prefer to use the keypad and buttons to play on my DS, unless it makes perfect gameplay sense like in Knights in the Nightmare.

The following link is an article, written by the news director of Gamasutra, reproduced on Kotaku:

[Kotaku – In Defense Of The Classic Controller – Project Natal]

“The more pressing issue is whether or not controller-less gaming will truly make the medium richer. Making something “more accessible” doesn’t necessarily make it better.

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