Steam Holiday Sale 2013

My backlog grew by this much:

  1. Risk of Rain
  2. Batman: Arkham Origins
  3. Papers, Please
  4. Spelunky
  5. McPixel
  6. Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition
  7. The Stanley Parable
  8. Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon
  9. Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4
  10. Bioshock 2 + Minerva’s Den
  11. Guacamelee! Gold Edition
  12. The Wolf Among Us
  13. Gone Home
  14. The Swapper
  15. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition
  16. Bioshock Infinite – Season Pass
  17. Tomb Raider: Survival Edition

Five 5-bucks Games V: Hotline Miami

Last game of the 5-buck game experiment. Now if I only get around to playing them.

I’ve actually started Rochard, it’s not a bad game per se, physics puzzle platformer. I’ve also started on Bard’s Tale; funny as it can be, I find it hard to get through the combat.

Definitely still interested in doing the other games I bought with the leftover value from my previous prepaid Visa card.

Five 5-bucks Games I: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

When I first came here, I bought a prepaid VISA to pay for some of the services I needed. It could be use without monthly fees for 6 months. Before they could start charging me for not spending money, I decided to put all what’s left in it into my Steam wallet, all $25.

I decided I will use the $25 to buy 5 games that costs $5 and my first purchase was made yesterday.

What’s up with: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

Too often had I read Internet forum-posters declaring they’re going back to play The Witcher 2 (TW2) after trying out a new role-playing game (RPG). This is often accompanied with proclamations of how said RPG is shallow with high praises for the complexity of TW2’s combat and story.

I bought TW2 during the Steam summer sale last year and there it sat in my backlog as its retail price continued to drop. I finally gave it a whirl after the game was updated to version 2.0, making it both more accessible and difficult in the same stroke.

It took me a while to get the game set up so it won’t cause my laptop to explode and an even longer while before I could actually feel myself getting into the game (much, much longer in fact). When I finally finished the game (one of the paths anyway),  I came away with the feeling of how some gamers seem to be confusing a hardcore RPG with a complex story to be one which is inaccessible that is utterly confusing, the understanding for the laud bestowed upon TW2 and its failure to reach above 90 for its Metacritic rating despite all the support and hype that surrounds it.

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Holiday Games Roundup

I originally titled the entry “Steam Holiday Sale Roundup” but I’m including the two games I got from work.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Company gift)
  • Driver: San Francisco Deluxe (Company gift)
  • Portal 2 (me)
  • Orc Must Die! (yun; got myself the DLCs)
  • Dungeons of Dredmor: Realm of the Diggle Gods (me)
  • Cthulhu Saves the World & Breath of Death VII Double Pack (Isaac)
  • Guardians of Graxia Complete (Isaac)
  • Sonic Generations (Khalid)
  • Dead Space (yun)
  • Planescape Torment (Weiquan)

The holiday plan was to clear my backlog but it seems I got myself a new stack of games. Hope you guys enjoy my gifts to you too!

Let me know if anyone is interested in any of these.