Some help to stick to your resolutions

Nothing but the strength of your convictions can keep a self-improvement promise going for at least 365 days. You can, however, boost your chance at success and outwit your worst habits with some motivational devices and clever thinking.

  • 10. Roll 12 habits into one resolution

  • 9. Distract yourself at the moment of temptation

  • 8. Create a reminder network

  • 7. Pick only one actual resolution

  • 6. Use a timer

  • 5. Utilize public shame

  • 4. Make it into a geeky data game

  • 3. Conquer huge backlogs with a DMZ or half-life approach

  • 2. Set up a scheduled review

  • 1. Think progress, not perfection

via Top 10 Mind Hacks for Making Your Resolutions Stick – Mind Hacks – Lifehacker

Some of them are pretty interesting, then again I’ve only quickly glanced through. Will read it later.