Diablo III

Came back from camp and Diablo III is coming. Kotaku has some reports as well.

I just finished watching both official trailers and it brings back fond memories of the previous games. It has been 8 years since the last Diablo game and this one is reported at least 4 years in the making. It is hard to say what makes a Diablo game but all its clones had failed to shine in its shadow. Even its most popular clone, Titan Qust seem to pale in comparison to the gameplay shown in the trailer.

Some of the stuff I noticed are true 3D creatures, no longer 8 directional sprites; genders; interactive environment among others. I can’t wait… if Blizzard was trying to fool us that they are just a World of  Warcraft company now, they’ve succeeded. Maybe WoW was just an elaborate decoy they’ve developed while they worked feverously on both Starcraft II and Diablo III.

Now to fix my desktop.. hrmph…