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I know I’ve been bashing all the upcoming LEGO video games but this is different! Instead of video-games representing LEGO, which is bleh…, this is LEGO representing some classic video-games, the opposite which means it has to be cool! And if you watch it, you’d realise it is! Enjoy.

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More LEGO Madness! This time at Hogswarts!

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[bliptv g4Q9gYaDEI35ZA]

If this is for years 1-4, we can expect at least another LEGO Harry Potter. There’s news of LEGO Indiana Jones 2 as well. Why am I sharing all these? I’m collecting all these news to show Chris that LEGO is dying as a toy and reincarnating into something totally different. What we need now is LEGO Need For Speed where you race with LEGO cars.

Lego Rock Band? Yes, Lego Rock Band


This is what I was talking to Chris about when I said Lego is no longer played by kids today and they have to put Lego with all sorts of other stuff to let the new generation know Lego exists. Speaking of Lego video games, Jo and I played Lego Batman at Courts yesterday.

It’s always very strange to me how violence which results in blood and gibs is not okay but violence which reduces people to tiny lego bits is okay.