To Subby, the first to wish me on this day, my special someone.

To Papa bear, whom I haven’t seen in a while and still remembers.

To Kris, the best friend I grew up with.

To Sister bear and Mama bear, it’s nice to hear your laughters in the morning.

To Emily, someone who made a difference for me in pri sch.

Thank you so much! For the messages and calls so late at night and so early in the morning. :)

You make a difference to my life and today started off good because of you! (It got me away from the lonely webcast watching.)

Love ya all and meet up soon.

Justice vs Power

Interesting class in philosophy which discusses justice and power. By simplistically assuming that what’s just is what’s right, a problem arises that one simply has to be just to rise in power. This is because since that guy is right, he’d be the best choice to lead. This follows that in order to obtain power, one has to do the right thing, which of course isn’t very just.

Considering everyday event, one can rise to power through doing the right and just thing. A power-hungry person can as easily pretend to be doing the right thing to eventually rise to power. This is a very touchy issue and can actually be applied to many different aspects of every day life.

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