The reports of Transformers 2’s suckiness may have been greatly exaggerated

Bumblebee versus Some Decepticon

Bumblebee versus Some Decepticon

It has giant robots, weapons, explosions and women. Surely most people would be satisfied with this. Somehow Revenge of the Fallen has only obtained 22% freshness at Rotten Tomatoes. If anyone goes into the theatre expecting a thought-provoking plot, witty lines, deep characters and artistic cinematography, then I’d say they’re watching the wrong genre of movies. All the reviews (even the one which said the movie was bad) agreed that the special effects were awesome, so just kick back and enjoy things blowing apart and robots beating each other down.

Not that my opinion means anything but I’d give the movie:

7 / 10 Sand-sucking Gorilla-Constructicon

Sand-sucking Gorilla-Constructibot

PS: One thing I don’t understand though, won’t it make more sense to slow-mo the robots fighting instead of Megan Fox running? Sarcasm from me? Maybe.


We caught Passengers last Friday, well I believe it’s one of those films where Anne Hathaway starts moving away from her kiddy innocent roles. It an interesting film, not high rated (pretty poorly received actually) and definitely doesn’t fit the “thriller” genre the theatres gave it.

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I feel like removing categories totally and converting all of them to tags, it’s too hard to fit and chunk stuff into categories now.

Spring cleaning the room reminds me why I only do it once a year. Dust (in places you won’t expect there to be), aches and mysterious wounds.

I think it’s also about time to come up with a list things I want for my birthday (which nobody but I will buy for myself). A new mouse is definitely in the list. The double-clicking by itself crap is driving me crazy and definitely lowering productivity. So it’s buying a new mouse or prying it open to try to clean it or rectify the problem and possibly mucking it up and then buying a new mouse.

Hellboy muse

Just watched the telecast of “Hellboy” on chl 5. It ended off with:

“What makes a man a man? A friend of mine once wondered. Is it his origins? The way he comes to life? I don’t think so. It’s the choices he makes. Not how he starts things, but how he decides to end them. ”

Behind all the fighting, heroism and special effects, I feel that this movie brings across an important message about the judgement of character. It is a fact that we judge the people we encounter; to say otherwise would be a lie. Be it a derogatory whisper in the back of our minds about a person’s skin colour or whether the sides of our eyes wrinkle when we laugh at a joke by someone, we unvoluntarily form words to describe that person. The sad fact is that most people judge a person by his physical appearance, something that is inherited and difficult to change.

What makes us shun people who are very different from us is “fear” and “lack of knowledge”. The monsters portrayed in the movie are equipped with the capabilities to kill people and thus, injected fear into the general population but that doesn’t mean they do not have the faculty to make wise choices. It is therefore very important not to judge and dismiss a person too quickly.

Speaking of which, this reminds me about a recent conversation I heard about a guy that have high physical expectations where is comes to choosing a partner in life. I’ve heard many times the first few things men say when asked about the type of girls they go for. It will go something like long hair, big eyes…blah blah blah before intelligence for example. Sometimes even the last bit of inner beauty is not even included in their list. What then are they offering in return? If only they judged themselves first.

Review on “The leap years”

We caught “the leap years” yesterday. I was thrilled about it since it’s Singapore’s first english romantic movie and the trailer looked good.

It was a good first attempt at penetrating the english movie industry. The storyline was good (kudos to Dr Catherine Lim) and the quotes from the movie and musings of Li-Ann still resounds in my head. Yeah, I want to buy the book.

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