Creativity and Passion…

I just happen to chance upon this movie, Accepted, on HBO while channel surfing during dinner. I finished watching the rest of the show and here I quote you one of the last scenes which I feel rather thought-provoking:

Bartleby Gaines: Nah, I’m not going to answer your question, ’cause you guys have already made up your minds. I’m an expert in rejection, and I can see it on your faces. And it’s too bad that you judge us by the way we look and not by who we are. Just because you want us to be more like them when the truth is we’re not like them. And I am damn proud of that fact. I mean, Harmon College and their – and their 100 years of tradition. But tradition of what? Of hazing kids and humiliating anyone who’s a bit different? Of putting so much pressure on kids they turn into these – these stress freaks and caffeine addicts.
Dean Van Horne: Your phony school demeans real colleges everywhere!
Bartleby Gaines: Why? Why can’t we both exist? Huh? You can have your grades, and your rules and your structure and your ivory towers, and then we’ll do things our way. Why do we have to conform to what you want?
Dean Van Horne: Your curriculum is a joke, and you, sir, are a criminal.
Bartleby Gaines: You know what? You’re a criminal. ‘Cause you rob these kids of their creativity and their passion. That’s the real crime! Well, what about you parents? Did -did the system really work out for you? Did it teach you to follow your heart, or to just play it safe, roll over? What about you guys? Did you always want to be school administrators? Dr. Alexander, was that your dream? Or maybe no, maybe you wanted to be a poet. Maybe you wanted to be a magician or an artist. Maybe you just wanted to travel the world. Look, I – I – I – I lied to you. I lied to all of you, and I’m sorry. Dad, especially to you. But out of that desperation, something happened that was so amazing. Life was full of possibilities. A – and isn’t that what you ultimately want for us? As parents, I mean, is – is that, is possibilities. Well, we came here today to ask for your approval, and something just occurred to me. I don’t give a shit. Who cares about your approval? We don’t need your approval to tell us that what we did was real. ‘Cause there are so few truths in this world, that when you see one, you just know it. And I know that it is a truth that real learning took place at South Harmon. Whether you like it or not, it did. ‘Cause you don’t need teachers or classrooms or – or fancy highbrow traditions or money to really learn. You just need people with a desire to better themselves, and we got that by the shit at South Harmon. So you can go ahead, sign your forms, reject us and shoot us down, and do whatever you gotta do. It doesn’t really matter at this point. Because we’ll never stop learning, and we’ll never stop growing, and we’ll never forget the ideals what were instilled in us at our place. ‘Cause we are SHIT heads now, and we’ll be SHIT heads forever and nothing you say can do or stamp can take that away from us! So go!

Apparently, it was in our theatres but I never got the chance to watch it. I wanna watch it from start to end, if anyone knows how I can get my hands on a copy, please let me know!

Inborn Identity

As the government’s top weapon turned number one target, Matt Damon stars in the Bourne series. We follow the footsteps of an anti-hero suffering from amnesia as he shows us how he escapes his pursuers through quick thinking, brutal unarmed fights, and chases on both foot and wheels. Both Identity and Supremacy were by different directors but were very similar yet different in style, not your typical action thrillers. Very enjoyable, catch it if you like spy fiction. While you’re at it, catch The Recruit, another spy movie revolving around CIA and things going wrong. It stars Al Pacino alongside Colin Farrell, so it can’t be that bad.

Tid-bit: Matt Damon does all his own stunts, fights and driving (somewhat) in both movies, now that is what I call professionalism.

The joy of DVDs is really watching all the extras and bonuses and lounging in in your coach enjoying a blockbuster while having the drinks and snacks of your own choice.

Ever wandered the real purpose of patrol car sirens? I mean they on it when they’re near the crime scene and all the sirens do is give away the cops’ position to the criminal, no?

[Learning English with Subby]Visceral
Pronunciation: ‘vi-s&-r&l, ‘vis-r&l
Function: adjective
1 : felt in or as if in the viscera : DEEP [visceral conviction]
2 : not intellectual : INSTINCTIVE, UNREASONING [visceral drives]
3 : dealing with crude or elemental emotions : EARTHY [a visceral novel]
4 : of, relating to, or located on or among the viscera : SPLANCHNIC

Pronunciation: klan-’des-t&n also -“tIn or -“tEn or ‘klan-d&s-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French clandestin, from Latin clandestinus, from clam secretly; akin to Latin celare to hide — more at HELL
: marked by, held in, or conducted with secrecy : SURREPTITIOUS

Collateral Damage
Collateral damage is the unintended damage to civilians and non-military property during war, either accidental or as a side effect of actions that do not violate the laws of war. Although the concept goes back at least to Thomas Aquinas, some feel the phrase is used these days as a cynical euphemism for civilian casualties. The term came into popular use among the general public during the 1991 Gulf War.


Why do people only cry when they’re loved ones leave them? Organise gatherings when friends are flying off? Visit when someone is hospitalized?

People come and go; sometimes due to circumstance, sometimes it’s random. Bonds are formed while some are broken. You never know what’d happen next unless you’re clairvoyant, of course. So shouldn’t we live every moment to the fullest? Spend at much time as we can with those we really want to spend time with? Do all the things we want to do? Much time is wasted on regrets, hatred and dwelling on the inevitable, inconsequential as well as the unimportant.

So, have you told someone how much you love him or her, lately?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You know, it’s not easy being an emotional support for someone when you realise you have little or no such support for yourself. Am I slowly becoming a “crisis friend“? Well, you know, the total flipside of a “fair-weather friend

I’m more than happy to be a problem solver, take in a problem, work it through my little nutshell and provide a possibly wise and workable solution. I’d be glad to be a listener, lend you my ear, walk in your shoes, try to understand your problem; I may not be able to solve it at the end of the day but perhaps you’d feel better after letting it all out. I’m perfectly fine with being the comic relief, show you the miserably thin silver lining on that extremely dark cloud, bring this tiny beam of light and teach you how to laugh at the most dire of situations.

No, I don’t really expect gratitude; a simple word of thanks may make my day, perhaps two. I may be selfish but what I really want is for someone else to do the same for me. Everywhere I go, when I try to start a conversation, before I can even pour out my not-so-sad sob story, I get a non-commitment reply. So okay, you don’t really care. All right then, I shan’t bother you anymore, come back when you need me.

I’m not even sure if I even get temporarily high when I help others. I’m definitely not getting paid, neither am I getting any other forms of material gratitude. It’s a subconscious thing, a little circuit wired wrongly in the head. It’s the little provider in me, snaps me into Mr. Fix-it mode whenever the situation arises. Maybe it’s just therapeutic, takes my mind off my own problems while I solve them for others. Before I think about my problem, I’d ask you “so, what’s bothering you today?

All these giving and not receiving is seriously taking a toll on me. I may not seem like it, all you see is just silly ol’ Subby. I definitely can’t show it, I mean who will let me help them if I seem miserable all the time. I feel like a big hole now, empty and hollow.

I know that not every one of you treat me like a human stress ball; you’d be there where I shine the Subby Signal. You know who you are and I really appreciate it. Thank you and love you all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, I’m caught between a stone and a really hard place, I can’t decide which way to move, which path to take. Maybe this is one of those unimportant, inconsequential things I shouldn’t dwell upon. Many of you say just do it but do what? It’s always easier said than done, maybe things aren’t how they seem at all. Isn’t it strange how a fixer, can’t fix himself?

Do I have issues? Hell yeah but I’d be okay.’