More Naruto

You might recall from a previous post of how I commented the closing gap between games and anime. The entire stylised art direction kind of reminded me of Team Fortress 2. If TF2 was the representation of the western comics style, Naruto Utimate Ninja Storm personalifies the Japanese anime style. We can only wonder if all the Naruto fans can help the PS3 sales once this is released since MGS4 fans can’t seem to help boost its sales enough. [Kotaku]

Closing the Gap between Game and Anime

Some games, Dragonball Budokai series come to mind, attempted cell-shading technique to their art style but something always looks odd somehow. This trailer of the latest Naruto game caught my eye and it pretty much looks like what the anime looks like. If these are indeed in-game shots, I must say it looks pretty sweet. I like the evening scene of Sasuke fighting Kakashi, everything dyed yellow by the setting sun. Only problem is this will probably have the same gameplay and storyline as the past X number of Naruto fighters. [via Kotaku]