Nokia Damage Tests or Why you can use your Nokia to kill a crab

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Other weird tests include rubbing a piece of denim up against a phone to test the effect of friction when the phone rubs up against your clothes and subjection the phone to temperatures ranging between -40 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit; this determines whether or not the phone can survive in the most extreme conditions on earth.

When testing is finished, they have a battery of analytic procedures to determine how well or how poorly a phone held up. This includes analyzing a phone under electron microscopes, 3D X-rays and X-ray Spectroscopes to check for any related damage; possible micron-sized soldering cracks, component failure or any breakdowns in the materials.

via A Look at the Nokia Damage Test Labs – Nokia Test Center – Gizmodo

I’ve always depended on my Nokia to be durable. I’ve swept it off my bed, causing the battery to fall out, so that the alarm will stop; I’ve dropped it on a variety of hard surfaces; I’ve let it slip on the train, causing it to bounce across the MRT platform gap. Other than bearing a few new abuse wounds, the phone still works after that.

I’ve had this in my bookmarks for a while, it’s an article by Gizmodo with pictures and a video of how Nokia stress test their phones in their labs. Watch the slowmo video of the drop test!

I don’t suggest you start abusing your Nokias or start throwing them at anyone because you could really hurt somebody.