Nokia Damage Tests or Why you can use your Nokia to kill a crab

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Other weird tests include rubbing a piece of denim up against a phone to test the effect of friction when the phone rubs up against your clothes and subjection the phone to temperatures ranging between -40 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit; this determines whether or not the phone can survive in the most extreme conditions on earth.

When testing is finished, they have a battery of analytic procedures to determine how well or how poorly a phone held up. This includes analyzing a phone under electron microscopes, 3D X-rays and X-ray Spectroscopes to check for any related damage; possible micron-sized soldering cracks, component failure or any breakdowns in the materials.

via A Look at the Nokia Damage Test Labs – Nokia Test Center – Gizmodo

I’ve always depended on my Nokia to be durable. I’ve swept it off my bed, causing the battery to fall out, so that the alarm will stop; I’ve dropped it on a variety of hard surfaces; I’ve let it slip on the train, causing it to bounce across the MRT platform gap. Other than bearing a few new abuse wounds, the phone still works after that.

I’ve had this in my bookmarks for a while, it’s an article by Gizmodo with pictures and a video of how Nokia stress test their phones in their labs. Watch the slowmo video of the drop test!

I don’t suggest you start abusing your Nokias or start throwing them at anyone because you could really hurt somebody.

What I want for my next mobile phone…

I think most people already know I’m a mobile photography advocate. I believe camera phones will replace conventional point-and-shoot cameras one day. I’m really satisfied with the results of my N82. As more people move towards using SLRs and what used to be PnSs slowly advance towards pro-sumer quality, so must the camera phone advance as well.

nokia-n86 (Small)

The N86 is Nokia‘s latest offer of a decent camera phone. It comes with higher resolution, CMOS sensor, larger and variable aperture, a shorter focus length and Carl Zeiss Optics lens. It lost the Xenon flash of the N82 but comparisons below will show that that’s not an issue.

The shot comparisons have indicated that the N86 has better colour reproduction and it comes with a kick stand now! No more performing weird tricks to get your camera to stand. How the designers missed the fact that their camera has an auto-timer but can’t stand is beyond me.

Anyone knows if the N82 is out in Singapore and how much is it? I’m eligible for a mobile on my contract with a top-up or wait till February without.

Nokia N86 8MP and N82 low light comparison