Booze and Night Photography

Met up with YQ and KX for our almost montly booze catch-up. On the way back, I decided to try some night photography to see how capable the N82 is without light. That used to be some Ministry of Environment depot, it’s now a dog station with doggy swimming pool with courses.


So between attending meetings in school and playing games, I finally found time to clear my room of the leftovers from the semester. Took more photos of the stuff indoors. I should go out to take some shots some day.

You might recognize the redcurrant puffs from another post. Look at how wonderful it is now! The old camera doesn’t do this munchy justice.

24th Birthday

So here are 2-month late pictures of the quiet birthday affair.

Did a little template hack to make the new gallery layout work with Lightview (a variant of Lightbox). Everything looks cool now. Well except when viewing archive by category, the gallery posts look a little ekky.

In case anyone is having issues with WP2.5’s latest upload feature, there’s a very clear and concise visual solution here.