Asylum Update

There’s a new release of WordPress. It’s all nice and cool but it also means some plug-ins will be brokens. Had to remove some stuff like the MCEcomment to make other stuff work, like smilies. Also took the time to explore some new plug-ins; do check out the chat wall. Hm, that’s about it. Let me know if anything’s broken or if I broke anything. ;)

In other news, I finally cleared out the dis-used FOP and Vault instances of WordPress. I should have a proper page for the Vault eventually though, to showcase some portfolio goodness. I’m gonna (try to) link some of the folks and interesting pages I frequent. We’d see how that goes.

Some updates

Added some new plug-ins and replaced old ones. Most should be transparent to the readers except perhaps the Related Posts section on each individual post.

Simple Tag plug-in might get me to start tagging entries. It’s always been tags vs categories but I guess more ways of searching for stuff, the better, no?