Sheer Genuis?

White, male, aging, crooked teeth, messy hair,...

I’m not quite sure what is it about academics. It could be the hours they spend physically in their offices and their minds in their research, resulting in some form of behaviour disorder. Anyway, I want to share my experience with the lecturer of one of the modules I’m taking for special semester.

Firstly, never have I ever taken a course where I need to download 100+mb of notes per week. Let’s just assume the course is accelerated at twice the rate for special semester, that’s still 50+mb of notes per week. In other words, this is the first time ever I have to stare at the download bar of the browser when I’m downloading notes. In terms of volume, it’s about 7-15 files with varying number of slides. I actually attempted to print out the slides for my first week of class. I usually print 6 slide per hand out, by the time I’m done, I’m more than half way through my print quota, which I hardly touch last semester… (I realised there won’t be any open-book assessment so I don’t know why I was even printing them out…)

I wouldn’t mind so much if she is able to make this sheer volume of knowledge information interesting. Unfortunately, she goes through at a rather fast pace, noted by some of my peers who brought it to her attention. What worries me more however, is her frequent usage of “This is not important”, “I don’t know why this is here” and “I’m not sure what this is“.

So if you’ve gotten so this far, I’m gonna go into some of the really amusing things she do.

So, we students are complaining about the speed and volume of the material given to us. The lecturer being so kind decides to help by letting us know which are the parts we can ignore.  Instead of giving us new files with all the essential information, no no… that would be too easy on us, she did exactly what she said she’d do, tell us which parts we can ignore by releasing dozens of new files with slides we can ignore. I assume we’re supposed to look at these slides then cross-reference with our original slides and say “AHAH! I can ignore these ones!” I don’t know how it ever occured to her the best way for her students to ignore information is to look at them twice.

This is serious, I can't make this up

This is serious, I can't make this up

So to save the best for last, I’d share some of her issues with the instructor’s bench in front of the lecture theatre. The PCs at the instructor’s bench is locked inside a cupboard under the bench so what I understand is the cord of the mouse is probably a little strained to be used freely on the bench surface as mouse cords are never that long. What happened once was the mouse probably slid back into the mess of wiring and such from the PC and she got so distraught that her mouse disappeared. After more than 5 minutes of giggling from the class, someone actually went down to help her “find” her mouse; to which she was probably eternally grateful. She did not want to let it go for the rest of the class, in her own words, she was “afraid it would disappear again“.

But all these is nothing compared to her issues with the LT’s lights. For those who are unfamiliar, on our instructor’s benches in the LTs, there is usually a panel to control the lights; on, off, partial dim, etc. She is convinced, believes in it whole-heartedly, I swear, that the operation of the lights is linked to the IP telephone at the bench which is connected to the technical services. According to her, she needs to pick up the receiver, then put it back for the lights to work. Once she picked up the handset and said something like this: “Oh, I didn’t call for anything, I just need to pick up the phone so that the lights in the LT will work“. What she managed to do today, was actually to off the lights when what she wanted was to dim the front lights but never mind that. She claimed she was afraid the lights would not work later so she left the lights off during the break. As a result, we had people walking around in a dark LT with lots of steps.

This wasn’t intended to be a wall of text rant but I guess I had to let out this mix of amusement and frustration. I’m just glad I’d be SUing the module anyway. I’ve met some bad lecturers over the years but this has to be on a different level surely.

PS: no offense to all the normal academics out there but it really scares me because she gives us her office & home addresses and phone numbers

Retrospective: Obnoxious Stalker

3 years ago today, 2006…

Everybody change, being only human, I change as well. Some will notice it more than others but I really guess it’s all about which facet you’ve been perceiving me from. But I guess I’d admit that much, I’ve changed. I don’t know what others say behind my back, I guess I’ve grown a little indifferent, a little grouchy, perhaps bordering being obnoxious.

Just had Drizzt erected a shield of blades and violence to protect himself from the horrors of his homeland, I too put up a shield. Putting up a cold front of foul manners and potty mouth, I protect myself from the outside world and them from me. That way, hopefully people will steer clear of me; that way, hopefully I’d feel less vulnerable; that way, hopefully I’d use my head more than my heart; that way, hopefully nobody will get hurt.

If I have to be obnoxious to makes things less complicated, I guess that’s what I’d be – obnoxious.

Can’t help feeling like a stalker lately. Got to know of the existence of this interesting girl. Nothing much I can say yet since I know nothing about her. Well, at least I learnt of her name today. Gah, I’m a stalker now!

Some people have all the attention, some people have all the friends and some people have all the followers but somehow they’d never be contented. What they and all of us need is just one real listener, one soul mate and one true believer.

PS: I was reminded that I need to put up a wish-list. I’d get down to it once I settle my other misc stuff.
PSS: Damn ingrown toenail.
PSSS: Damn ad bots.

Retrospective: Sianz…

2003… 6 years ago today…

Nothing much to say, life been very draggy and quiet now that most of the boys are in NS. Suddenly find lots of people missing in your life. People who used to bring you laughter and such. Anyways, I’ve been offered some game dev opportunity, too bad I’m enlisting soon so I can’t help out. Ric and I have decided to end the chapter for BGmod and start packaging our stuff for release. Those days and nights spent working on the mod seemed so long ago when it’s only more than a year. So much to do, clan webbie, mod packaging…

I believe I was one of the late enlisters, while everyone was already at Tekong, I was still bumming around at home. I can’t remember what game dev opportunity was it, probably the community project by IGDA Singapore. That entry also reminded me how long Ric and I know each other, more than 6 years. We’ve seen each other through more than one relationship on each side and we’ve only met up a grand total of….. 2 times. Wait, or was it 3? Looking forward to seeing him again when he’s back in a few months time for his wedding. :D

We did wrap up BGmod but got back together for Secret Project X (SProX) aka 13, so secret it didn’t see the light of day. It had potential to be truly interesting, too bad it never even got a single release. So I’d dump some screenshots for both mods here:

Apparently I lost some of the cooler stuff from 13 then again we were only at the conceptualization stage.

Oh and the old forums are still (not-quite) alive.

Why do people rant on blogs or become totally bitchy and unlike themselves in this virtual world?
It dawned on me that it’s probably to keep their sanity in the real world. There’s a bag of hot air within each of us that accumulates all the time and there needs an outlet to reduce the pressure within.

“Self-imposing solitude is a relief when one is alone in the crowd.”

Back to school

Today was a long first day at school. I had 3 lessons today. Rather intense.
I totally hate squeezing with the peak hour crowd on my way home. Listened to high school musical from my phone and it made the journey bearable. There’s nothing like upbeat cheery music at the end of a long day.


Waiting for current bidding round to close. Sigh…have a bad churning feeling I don’t have enough points for both my UEs. Maybe I should look for alternatives.

Had some problems with the flash card that I bought. The guy didn’t issue receipt. -.- Hope he’s honest and willing to help me out. Bought my cny dress online. I’ve finally decided to switch to the cheaper online alternative. Waiting excitedly for the delivery. :) And hope it fits!

Lalala….open bidding ending soon.

Welcome 2009!

2009! :)

The last few days of 2008 had been awesome! Doro’s bday, Ben’s bday, Kris’s bday, gatherings, new phone, lots of pics, swimming, gymming, christmas dinner, Southern ridges walk and countdown! Now that I’ve named them, it isn’t really the LAST FEW DAYS.

DECEMBER 2008 has been the best month of the year! I didn’t get bored and had jam load of activities to content myself with. Haven’t felt this carefree in quite a while.

2008 had been an eventful and tumultuous year. Lots of struggles inbetween, made lots of friends, hit 21 which was unexpectedly depressing (not as sunny as I thought), reflected on many things (I haven’t come to a conclusion for many of them though), increased my geeky index…

Was at Sumin’s yday for countdown. We played wii, bingo, had booze and food! Awesome way to spend the new year.

Kept playing raving rabbids. BWAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Cheese’s hola attempt vid is still in my phone.

Would be great to have a collection of new year gathering photos over the years.

No new year resolutions for me but I hope 2009 would be a better year for everyone!


Jobs available for MMOers, Fallout 3 drive me crazy

[Kotaku » Massively Multiplayer Employment: Singapore Recruiters Not Avoiding WoW Players]

Fallout 3
Image via Wikipedia

A while back there was an article stating how some employers are staying away from MMO players. It might have been blown out of proportion but I’m sure some employers might have gotten some idea from this big hiccup. Apparently Singapore employers, well at least this one is fine with their employees living a virtual second life.  Rejoice, WOW and WAR players!

In other news, everyone has heard, read or experienced how buggy Fallout 3 is. My experience with the latest reincarnation of the Fallout franchise has too been marred by CTDs and the very rare hard system crashes. I learnt to play it in windowed mode which made the crashes a lot more bearable. I think what’s happening now has taken it to another level. In my latest save, quicksaving crashes the game, quick traveling crashes the game. Now, everyone who plays Fallout 3 know quicksave is vital in preserving your sanity admist all the random crashes, I’m not sure if I can continue playing Fallout 3 anymore until the game gets patched (more).

Now I have the option of revisiting the Oblivion world of Tamriel or play Neverwinter Nights 2, both which I’ve never really gotten deep into. Then again, there’s Chrono Trigger and Zelda on the DS. Ah crap, I think I should just spend more time reading and preparing for the project.

Bethsoft, please sort out Fallout 3.

The placebo effect

Cow juice or milkshakes
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A widow from a poor village in Bengal did not have enough money to pay for her son’s bus fare, and so, when the boy started going to school, he would have to walk through the forest all on his own. In order to reassure him, she said: ‘Don’t be afraid of the forest, my son. Ask your God Krishna to go with you. He will hear your prayer.’
The boy followed his mother’s suggestion; Krishna duly appeared; and from then on, accompanied him to school everyday.
When it was his teacher’s birthday, the boy asked his mother for some money in order to buy him a present. ‘We haven’t any money son, ask your brother Krishna to get you a present.’ The following day, the boy explained his problem to Krishna, who gave him a jug of milk.
The boy proudly handed the milk to the teacher, but the other boy’s present were far superior and the teacher didn’t even noticed his gift. ‘Take that jug of milk to the kitchen,’ said the teacher to an assistant. The assistant did as he was told. However, when he tried to empty the jug, he found that it immediately filled up again of its own accord. He informed the teacher, who was amazed and asked the boy: Where did you get that jug, and how does it manage to stay full all the time?’
‘Krishna, the god of the forest, gave it to me.’
The teacher, the assistant and the students all burst out laughing.
‘There are no gods in the forest. That’s pure superstition,’ said the teacher. ‘If he exists, let’s all go and see him.’
The whole group set off. The boy started calling for Krishna, but he did not appear. The boy made one last desperate appeal.
‘Brother Krishna, my teacher wants to see you, please show yourself!’
At that moment, a voice emerged and echoed throughout the forest.
‘How can he possibly see me, my son? He doesn’t even believe I exist!’
-Like the flowing river by Paulo Coelho

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Do you know?

I didn’t know what “I tag you” meant till I went her blog. First thought was, on facebook? Anyway, it’s time to tag your pics on facebook!

21 things that most people don’t know about me

1. I named my rabbit “Blacky” but it’s not meant to be racist.
2. My rabbit is toilet trained.
3. I tear easily.
4. I go swimming with people but I haven’t mastered the frog style. (which is the only style I swim)
5. I do not eat almost all kinds of veggies.
6. I have 2 older brothers who are married.
7. My age gap with them are 11 and 13
8.  I live in a 6 room HDB flat.
9. I play chess.
10. I like taking candid shots of people cos of the natural feel.
11. I am someone with very deep thoughts but I seldom write on the blog anymore for privacy reasons.
12. What privacy reasons? Well, you’ll never know who’ll be reading this right? With that thought, it’s difficult to just let loose and not censor your posts. After a while, the censorship loses it’s meaning and I just stop all together.
13. I can’t multitask.
14. I have a rather good memory for events but not for numbers.
15. I tend to put other’s before myself unless that person has drained my tolerance.
16. Yes, I watch chinese dramas. Korean and HK too.
17. I enjoy watching documentaries about phenomenas that people have no explaination for.
18. Though they’re interesting, I often do not get the answer I want from these documentaries. This is because they often end off with “….we’ll never know”.
19. I did not think kids are adorable until my nephew and neice was born.
20. I squirm whenever someone asks me what’s my major.
21. I find the numbing effects of alcohol very soothing.

Phew! That took rather long! Now pass to another 5? Not many people that nice to do lor….

Anyway, I shall tag 1 person and that’s Kris because we celebrated her bday yday and today! Happy bday!