How Games Might Teach Us More About Sex

The upcoming Heavy Rain features a sequence in which its female protagonist is forced to strip for a disgusting mob boss. It’s sex but it’s not sexy, and it moves the needle for games teaching us to differentiate the two.

This is a departure from other gameplay-based depictions of sex, Williams argues, where the object was either to reveal skin or engage in a mini-game that “reduces sex to the stabbing motions of button mashing.” He says the breakthrough lies not necessarily in a mature depiction of sex, but in delivering a new perspective on how it is understood, even if it means forcing someone in an opposite gender role to see its more degrading side.

via Forced to Strip: How Games Might Teach Us More About Sex – heavy rain – Kotaku

Recess week is here at last. Usually, the week before the break is the hardest to get by. I start to feel lethargic during lects, burn the midnight oil to submit assignments, project proposals and online tests. This week is a good time to recuperate much as it is a week to catch up on work and prepare for the upcoming mid terms.

I rented eldest and brisingr from a store at bukit timah. Reading is just so joyful when there are other pressing things to do.

I read a few friend’s blogs. It seems that lots of people does their assignments with disgust. Often lamenting on how they can’t score and dislike what they’re studying and perhaps filled with envy when I mention that I like what I’m studying. I can’t give a very good reason why I enjoy it. It’s not an easy course, at times it can get very frustrating and my CAP is that of an average student. Perhaps to quote from eldest: “Life is both pain and pleasure. If this is the price you must pay for the hours you enjoy, is it too much?” would suitably explain.