Of Relationship, People and Changes

House (TV series)
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Maria Palko: Marriages don’t fail because couples get bored. They fail because, while they’re dating, people pretend to be the person they think their partner wants and then – well, there’s only so long you can keep that up.

Dr. Allison Cameron: Maybe they are that person when they’re dating, but then they change.

Maria Palko: People thinking their partner will change? That’s another reason marriages fail. People don’t change. At least not in any way that really matters.

Clueless, House S02 E15

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The placebo effect

Cow juice or milkshakes
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A widow from a poor village in Bengal did not have enough money to pay for her son’s bus fare, and so, when the boy started going to school, he would have to walk through the forest all on his own. In order to reassure him, she said: ‘Don’t be afraid of the forest, my son. Ask your God Krishna to go with you. He will hear your prayer.’
The boy followed his mother’s suggestion; Krishna duly appeared; and from then on, accompanied him to school everyday.
When it was his teacher’s birthday, the boy asked his mother for some money in order to buy him a present. ‘We haven’t any money son, ask your brother Krishna to get you a present.’ The following day, the boy explained his problem to Krishna, who gave him a jug of milk.
The boy proudly handed the milk to the teacher, but the other boy’s present were far superior and the teacher didn’t even noticed his gift. ‘Take that jug of milk to the kitchen,’ said the teacher to an assistant. The assistant did as he was told. However, when he tried to empty the jug, he found that it immediately filled up again of its own accord. He informed the teacher, who was amazed and asked the boy: Where did you get that jug, and how does it manage to stay full all the time?’
‘Krishna, the god of the forest, gave it to me.’
The teacher, the assistant and the students all burst out laughing.
‘There are no gods in the forest. That’s pure superstition,’ said the teacher. ‘If he exists, let’s all go and see him.’
The whole group set off. The boy started calling for Krishna, but he did not appear. The boy made one last desperate appeal.
‘Brother Krishna, my teacher wants to see you, please show yourself!’
At that moment, a voice emerged and echoed throughout the forest.
‘How can he possibly see me, my son? He doesn’t even believe I exist!’
-Like the flowing river by Paulo Coelho

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Scared, not Angry

Arthur: You’re not mad at him

Carrie: Uh, trust me, I am.

Arthur: Oh no, honey. You see, you and Doug look to Deacon and Kelly as an example of a perfect couple. Now that their supposedly solid marriage is in trouble, you start to wonder. Who’s to say yours isn’t next? You’re not angry, cookie, you’re scared.

Carrie: Wow, dad, that was a remarkable lucid thing to say.