Stop traumatising your kids!

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Children with a lower self-esteem, those who felt less in control of their lives, and those who worried often were more likely to gain weight over the next 20 years, the results showed.

Professor David Collier, who led the research, said: “What’s novel about this study is that obesity has been regarded as a medical metabolic disorder – what we’ve found is that emotional problems are a risk factor for obesity.

“This is not about people with deep psychological problems, all the anxiety and low self-esteem were within the normal range.”

[BBC NEWS | Health | Low self-esteem leads to obesity]

This finding is rather interesting as we always had the idea that people develop low self-esteem because they are fat. Parents should stop destroy childhoods because what they’re doing is growing future obese adults!

This prompts the question of the real reason behind the growing percentage of obesity in modern societies.Could it be a major shift in emotional state of the entire society?

X days to de day

Just finished a very nerve wrecking report. It’s suppose to give us a feel of how it’s like to be a researcher. It was a fun module, the only bad thing is the report writing and tricky test questions. Now that this load’s off, it’s time to get started for the exams.

We got a hair cut yesterday. Mine being quite a drastic one. It looks nice over there…but due to my laziness and
inability to tame my hair, it has become rather rebellious (as usual).

This post got a little sidetracked from the intended title. I believe most people look forward to their “de day” as one which opens up new horizons. I remember pondering on how it’s like to finally reach de day when I was at a single digit. Now that I’m here, it doesn’t seem to be that life changing or whatever it’s suppose to be. It’s just how much change you want. What did come along is shared responsibility. We were protected from it when we were curious and young. It’s uncountable how many times you’ve heard “you’ll know when you grow up”. But now you don’t want to know do you?

So what change do I want?
I should stop looking sixteen. Hmm…that’ll that some time.