You know your movie is subjected to product placement…

.. when you are introduced to a world where only Mac exists.

Caught the Proposal with Jo some time back. It’s a funny movie but I feel that it doesn’t score as highly in the romantic portion of being a romantic-comedy. Sandra Bullock still looks as timeless but there doesn’t seem to be much on-screen chemistry with Reynolds. The role was originally offered to Julia Roberts, which is quite unimaginable. Reynolds also did better in Definitely, Maybe in my opinion. (Rotten Tomatoes agree) I think the show was stolen by Oscar Nuñez who played the multiple-roled Ramone.

I also find the role of the ex rather superfluous. I expected some plot development from Reynolds’ character seeing her with the school children but nothing happened. I think she’s just in the story to have the 2 conversations with Bullock’s character.

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