Learn how to use free Microsoft’s Security Tools

When it comes to keeping your Windows PC secure, all of the scare tactics and overblown virus stories out there make it hard to feel safe online. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need to pay for Windows security.

via Stop Paying for Windows Security; Microsoft’s Security Tools Are Good Enough – Security – Lifehacker

Worth a read if you find yourself overwhelmed with malware, spyware and overwhelmed with system errors when other people can keep their systems fault free for years. It’d seem the new Microsoft Security Essentials has leaped frog into the free virus security tools arena and caught the eyes of many. I’d probably give it a go.

Anti-virus don’t like each other?

I’ve been using free AVG for quite a while now and decided to try some other free anti-virus available out in the market. After an uneventful scheduled weekly scan by AVG which only picked out the usual bunch of website cookies, I installed Avira AntiVir. Once the software is updated, I ran a complete system scan.

I picked out a few trojans which AVG missed but the strangest occurrence has to be the following:

avira avg

I don’t quite understand what’s happening but it seems AVG’s Resident Shield picked out a trojan scanned by Avira or somehow it just labelled Avira’s avscan a trojan.

IE is bad for you, it’s true.

[Internet Explorer: Security Experts Advising You Stay Off Internet Explorer For Now.]

I don’t like using Internet Explorer for so many reasons. For a big corporation like Microsoft, they’re not particularly bothered with making their browser compliant with web-standards or even secure. So yea, if you’re still using IE, now is good time to jump on to another browser. I like Firefox. ;)