Of Friends, Fashion, MSN and Sunburn

Very often Some times, we hear complains such as “I’m doing a project with X, he’s so hard to work with!” or “I’m housemates with Y, I thought it’d be such a great idea but she’s such a bitch to live with!” while all the X’s and Y’s are supposed good friends. I guess I’m fortunate that my experience with such has been kept to a minimum.

It’s no big secret that I’m very selective with my friends or rather who I’d actually label as a “friend”. It’s not that I’m an anti-social, introverted, unfriendly, weird or paranoid- ok, maybe just a little paranoid. The problem came about just because those people so readily and easily accept anyone as a friend. What they end up with are armies of fair weather or hi-bye friends. At the end of the day, I don’t think it’s the number of friends you have that matter but the quality of your friends. What you need are “4am friends” who’d be there when it’s the wee hours of the morning and you’re drunk, stuck in jail or a combination of both.

If you ask me, I’d say you don’t really know someone until you’ve lived with them, seen them interact with their family and friends or go through with them on a huge project or trying time. Some times even knowing them for extended periods of time doesn’t cut it. The concept of how it takes minutes to meet someone, months to know them and decades to live with them stands true.

On a lighter note, I’d share what I’ve noticed when I’m out and about these couple of weeks. I know I’m not the fashion guru or anything remotely close but I can’t help but chuckle at somethings I’ve noticed. FBT shorts isn’t an appropriate piece of bottom for anything other than sports. It’s short just for that specific reason of greater flexibility during sporting activities, not because it shows off the leg well. Someone should put out a notice that guys and elephants should be banned from even being in public with those on… And the girls, with all the money they spend on their makeup and branded school bags, you’d think they have enough to spend on some decent street wear.

Tights and leggings seem to be the rage for some time now. Probably originating from the fashion pioneers in Japan, some people love it, others simply scoff at anyone who walks past them with the skirt-on-tights-on-underwear get-up. I don’t really have any personal qualms about the trend but I thought I’d do a public service but letting everyone know how silly it is to wear a top and tights of the same colour. It creates the strange image that looks like the person is wearing a leotard. It’s the same concept as a guy wearing a white shirt with a pair of white socks, you’d think the shirt runs all the way to his feet. Whenever I see someone in a black top, black tights and a skirt, I can’t help but remember the images of those chimps in ballerina tutus. At the end of the day, some people just like to draw attention to themselves, even they have to look like human-ape crosses, who am I to stop them..?

I just previewed the post and wow, it’s pretty darn long but let’s go on anyways.

Back on the topic of friends, MSN messenger help realize the dreams of many people when they gave us a personal message as well as a high character limit display name. While some don’t see the point, it has become a mini blog for some. Let’s face it, nobody most people don’t give a crap whether you cut your hair today, bought a new shirt, baked a purple pandan cake of jello, feel like the entire world has let you down, need a girlfriend so badly that you think that the core problem is you’re not a bad ass punk enough for girls to like you. Personally, neither do I care if you sang 31.4159 songs at the karaoke today, did 12304 flying squirrel kung fu kicks til date or took 34905849583409584 breaths since the day you were born.

Well, anyone could say I could just not read all those ridiculously long, meaningless wall of text on my instant messenger and right they are. Then it dawned upon me that what these people need are some friends or perhaps some or a whole lot of tender loving care. Little did they know that they’re doing it wrong. People don’t really care about you, they care about themselves. Perhaps some would pretend to care enough to ask if you’ve completed your 1233rd lap around your estate but when you reply no and go on to proudly add that you’ve spent the time finding out the birthdays of everyone on your contact list, I’m not sure if it’d progress beyond a “Wow… ok…” but personally I’d be a little creeped out.

If I could some advise, it’d be to actually talk to people, not stalk them… if you make enough conversation about them to make it last to when they think of you as a friend, maybe they’re start talking to you even without having to tell everyone the number of times girls have put you into their BFF basket, entirely bypassing the BF spot.

Anyway, I thought of all the weird, creepy examples above from the corner of my demented mind, resemblance to anyone on anyone’s contact list is purely a coincidence.

Lastly, I’d just like to advocate the usage of sun block. We just had our pre-camp last weekend and what looks to be a cloudy morning turned into the hottest afternoons I’ve experienced in a while. My arms are in such a different shade from my body that you’d think you could separate them or they’ve been stitched together by Dr Frankenstein. I also learnt (the hard way) that the sun from Sentosa is strong enough give you blisters on your skin and that you can use tea, milk, tomatoes, potatoes and vinegar as sunburn remedies.

Well, if you’ve reached this point of the post, there are several possibilities:

  1. you skipped the entire entry
  2. you missed my long, crazy ramblings and read the entire chunk like a pro and probably deserve an award
  3. you’re bored and trying to waste some time while at work (shame on you)

Regardless of which option, don’t forget to take care, drink lots of water, eat your greens and use sun block. Peace- Subby out