This is how you ruin your career:


Kanye has done it again. During the 2009 Video Music Awards (VMA) Kanye rudely interrupted cute, innocent, blonde Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech of the Best Female Video award. Kanye hopped on stage while Taylor Swift was speaking and stole the mic from Taylor. He then proceeded to say that BEYONCE HAD THE BEST VIDEO EVER! which she definitely didn’t. Any video that a Jonas Brother can make fun of is definitely not worthy enough of being considered the best video ever.

[Kanye West Douchebag]

The video was available on Youtube earlier but it’s been taken down since. He grew to be the most hated person overnight; stars tweet about him being an ass, Trump calls for a boycott, Obama condemns him as well. That was either a very successful publicity stunt or the start of the end for him.

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