The Moment of Truth has to be the uglies…

The Moment of Truth has to be the ugliest and lowest show on TV.

I admit I take some pleasure from some of uglier displays of human nature on reality tv such as how they lie, cheat and betray on Survivor but The Moment of Truth has to be one of the most depressing display of the state of humanity.

Makes you wonder how far someone would go for some monetary gain and how much morality is actually worth. I believe that very episode was aired last night on Ch5. After all she said she still had the cheek to believe she’s a good person.

Everyone is capable or not so nice thoughts and there are some thoughts better kept inside then heard out loud. That’s a minimum requirement to be considered civilized. There was an episode on House where there’s a patient with a condition where he can’t conscious control what he says. It gave us a glimpse into what it would be if we simple say whatever comes to our minds. It wasn’t pretty.