The reports of Transformers 2’s suckiness may have been greatly exaggerated

Bumblebee versus Some Decepticon

Bumblebee versus Some Decepticon

It has giant robots, weapons, explosions and women. Surely most people would be satisfied with this. Somehow Revenge of the Fallen has only obtained 22% freshness at Rotten Tomatoes. If anyone goes into the theatre expecting a thought-provoking plot, witty lines, deep characters and artistic cinematography, then I’d say they’re watching the wrong genre of movies. All the reviews (even the one which said the movie was bad) agreed that the special effects were awesome, so just kick back and enjoy things blowing apart and robots beating each other down.

Not that my opinion means anything but I’d give the movie:

7 / 10 Sand-sucking Gorilla-Constructicon

Sand-sucking Gorilla-Constructibot

PS: One thing I don’t understand though, won’t it make more sense to slow-mo the robots fighting instead of Megan Fox running? Sarcasm from me? Maybe.