Valve looking to delve into the “DotA” genre?

Valve Corporation
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Valve has made a hire that should perk up the ears of the Warcraft III mod community, as “IceFrog,” the current developer of ultra popular Defense of the Ancients Allstars, has found gainful employment at the house of Half-Life.

via Valve Snaps Up Defense of the Ancients Dev – Valve – Kotaku.

Woah, somehow this piece of news slipped past my feed and nobody seems to be talking about it. The popularity of the Warcraft mod seem to have spawned its own genre with various game studios releasing their own versions of the game, namely Demigod, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth.

Is Valve venturing into entire an entirely new realm, away from FPS? IceFrog is apparently going to lead his own team, I guess we can only wait and see.

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