Zemanta + CSS Fixes

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

I first came upon Zemanta as it’s mentioned on Lifehacker as a Firefox extension to help write rich emails. I don’t really want pictures and stuff in my emails. I write emails like how I talk on the phone, short and sweet (She might disagree on the ‘sweet’ part). Anyhow, with some reading, I found its original incarnation as a WordPress plugin. So I installed it and gave a couple of entries the Zemanta treatment:

Rather nifty I must say, especially with all the links which I used to do until I got lazy of manually linking them. Now they do it for me!

The insertion of the image caused a slight problem because the current theme doesn’t handle the alignment properly. I initially started looking for new themes to use but ended up editing the current css files to fix it along with some other problems we’ve been having but I didn’t bother to fix.

Besides the alignment of blocks, captions of images, including a nice border, should also show up properly now.