It’s 12:02AM on the 23rd of October. Too lazy to calculate how long I placeholdered this entry but it must be a pretty long time. Just survived through a series of project deadlines and stuff so yea…

Humans are typically reserved and cautious, unwilling to put it all on the line. Well, at least not until someone gives them some form of affirmation, an assurance, something which tells them that they’re on the right track. Somehow that will liberate them, if they were working at 80%, they’d start putting in 150%.

We were working on a project on Monday, not really moving anywhere, a little lost, somewhat demoralised and probably needing some guidance. We arranged earlier to consult our supervisor at 6pm. He looked through our stuff, cleared some doubts, gave some suggestions, corrected some stuff. But it was what he said finally, I believe, that had the most effect. He assured us that we are doing pretty fine which sent relief through all of us. It seems we’re unshackled and no longer fatigued. We worked through the night and finally wrapped things up at 1+ in the morning. Afterwhich, we went for supper and I fell asleep on the cab ride back.

I guess sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way.

It’s 10 past 1 in the morning. It took me more than an hour and I probably didn’t write down what I initially intended to but I guess this would have to do.

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