I’m (Barely) Alive!!

Yea, I’m still alive. Haven’t written anything in ages. Projects after projects after projects. I don’t know if I should be proud of almost surviving 5 projects in 1 semester or just feel really stupid about it. It’d be really ironic if I get crushed by the projects because I actually wrote in to waive the pre-requisite to take 2 of the modules concurrently even though I’ve been warned about the heavy workload. I just hope the other guys don’t blame it since I actually feel quite bad about it already.

Anyway, I saw a guy on the train on my way back. He was dressed in proper office wear with long-sleeved shirt, pants and leather shoes. I’d think he’s a rather decent chap until he brought his hand to his hand to his nose and starting blowing into it. Yup, he blew his nose into his hand. I couldn’t believe it the first time I notice it so I continued observing him. I think he probably noticed me but it didn’t stop it from blowing his nose into his hand over and over again. After each time he does it, he’d either rub the fingers against each other or his hands together. Ugh…

Supposed to work on a Christmas wishlist. Too busy. Neverwinter Nights 2 is finally out. Well, it’s out for those who grab it off the net but it’d be on shelves on the 10th, last I checked. Too busy once again.

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