10 Years…

I woke up to the radio this morning. It was FD’s 10th year at the station. That’s surely an eye/ear-opener. It’s uncommon for someone to stay in the same line for that kind of time these days, much less the same company. What’s even more amazing was what came after that. They aired sound-bytes of some of the folks he know and it’s amazing how some or probably most of them knew him for more than 10 years.

I was trying to imagine myself in 10 years time, not a single image came to mind. I can’t foresee where’s I be after graduation in 3 years, much less in 10 years time. Some have known me and how cynical I’ve become of trust and friendship. So would I have friends who’d I’d stick with for 10 years? Well, I don’t know but I sure hope so. Cheese, Ly and Tan have all known me for a good part of more than 5 years so I’m almost half way there I guess.

Was having an all-nighter with Joz and somewhere I mentioned that everyone is flawed and I have a theory about that. I didn’t get to elaborate the theory so I’d just write it here. I was telling her once about the bad points of Cheese (sorry dude) and somehow we’re still close as brothers. It’s a known fact that nobody is born perfect, we all have our strong points and our shortcomings. At the same time, everyone value different qualities differently. Put this together with how nobody is perfect and everything fits nicely together. For all the flaws that Cheese possesses, he embodies the qualities I value and believe in and that makes his flaws more tolerable I guess. This, I believe, applies to every single human being out there. That’s probably why birds of a feather flock together, like-minded people who value the same set of qualities.

“And it’s best if you know a good thing is going to happen, like an eclipse or getting a microscope for Christmas. And it’s bad if you know a bad thing is going to happen, like having a filling or going to France. But I think it is worst if you don’t know whether it is a good thing or bad thing which is going to happen.”

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